In gradients of cool blue to light purple to peach, multiple, flowing panels of delicate paper, cut to a distinct wave pattern are back-lit. Sheets of silk chiffon, inspired from family heirloom textiles, hang in front of the artwork, creating a softer atmosphere. A quiet, ambient sound of water is dripping and trickling in the background. I want my viewers to enter a "cave" like space. Experience the need for wonder and tranquility.
The installations I create all start with paper.
Paper is one of the oldest mediums and has been used for centuries to tell stories. It can be manipulated, torn apart, cut, or merely written on. It is diverse in so many ways. Paper has given me direct access to my stories and journeys of personal trial that I had not been able to access before. During the process of cutting paper I become completely consumed by each repetitive line I am creating. A meditative process ensues. The paper and myself create the broken but fleeting story of the human condition.
I look to the sound, light and color of the Poudre River as the foundation for my work. Water itself is the source of life. It has a personality of its own. It is something so delicate that it can be used for baptism, and yet it is so powerful that it can wipe out cities. It not only alters life, but defines it.
I reflect the physical and spiritual qualities of water and daily life in my work.







2015    B.A., Art and Design, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

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